Engaging Your Wholeness does more than just awaken your mind-body connection, bringing a deeper more resilient state of well-being into your nervous system while making you feel more vibrant, alive and juicy, it has the ability to improve all of your relationships.

It’s not uncommon, after several conscious embodiment sessions, for a client to ask “why are all my relationships suddenly getting better?” The short answer is that relationships thrive when we are fully in our bodies. That includes both our digital online-relationships and our analog off-line relationships.


I don’t fully understand why being happy
in my body is making my life better
but I am finally sleeping through the night
and feeling more energized throughout my day.

My relationship with my Mom, co-workers and
my boyfriend recently turned fiancé,
have become better than I ever imagined.


You may be wondering, “How is it possible that being more comfortable in my body can improve my relationships?” and “Can I attain those results too?” That’s a big Yes and Yes. Relationships begin within the contexts that you have set for yourself and your life path.  That includes such contexts as developing new habits to engender a positive lifestyle change. Formulating a game plan to reach a certain professional goal or milestone. Addressing the desire to move more effortlessly from the context of a “Me to a We”, or more gracefully from the context of a “We to Me”.

When we bring the development of “the context for my life“ to a first hand experience of “what I want for myself and my life”, we often attract others who will support us in that journey. Going from a “me to a we“ is done with greater integrity and success when the “me” you bring the “we” is being consciously expressed. As you may or may not know, all relationships begin within. Using the conscious embodiment tools in Engaging Your Wholeness will help you improve the most relationship in your life. The relationship you have with yourself. And by extension, all your other relationships will improve as well.


Engaging Your Wholeness gave me
a whole set of tools that help me raise my vitality.
I reclaimed a part of myself that I lost after my divorce.


So yes, you too can achieve those results. Whether that’s being a part of an intimate relationship, a successful business partnership, or an enjoyable collective collaboration of some kind. And the reverse is true as well if you are moving from a we to a me, due to death or divorce.

Being more consciously embodied not only awakens all of your sense perceptions, helping you to feel more vibrant, alive, and juicy, it awakens the creative and unique expression of spirit that wants to move through you.

Join me in Engaging Your Wholeness.

I promise, you’ll be glad that you did.

The Engaging Your Wholeness Series includes the following 6 MP3 recordings:

Semi-Supine, a restorative spinal practice, encourages proper back alignment by reducing spinal stress and strain, and will transport you to your personal oasis of healing.

Body-Mind Movements, a 30-minute session of gentle yoga postures, sequenced to support improved back health, will take you on a deeply introspective journey that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Deep Conscious Relaxation, a restful practice that deeply transforms your body-mind-spirit connection, invoking a deep inner stillness, that will help you to feel the fullness of your Essential Self.

Body Scan (Yoga Nidra), a mindfulness practice of systematically moving your attention throughout your body to refine a deeper sensitivity and awareness of your body-mind connection.

Guided Meditation, a mindfulness practice of restful-awareness that restores and renews your body-mind connection.

Interactive Guided Imagery, a peaceful practice that will enhance your interpersonal communication while inspiring your intuitive abilities and creative expression.

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As a comprehensive holistic healing toolbox, each of these stillness practices was designed to enhance your mind-body connection while balancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Developed as a “at home resource” for the patients and staff at my local hospital, where I had been teaching for several years, each session works synergistically to enhance your sensory awareness.  Though each practice is complete on its own, working with them in tandem or in a combination of your choosing, can leave you feeling as if you have just been on a weekend retreat.

Engaged on a regular basis, they have the potential to deeply transform your relationship to your central and peripheral nervous system while enhancing all of your sense perceptions. Practiced with your intimate partner, these guided meditations may bring a divine juiciness to both your intra-personal and interpersonal connection. They may even inspire a vibrant and sensual reinvigoration of your every day life, where every aspect of your being is enlivened by the present moment.

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