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Brain-Body-Yoni Connection Yoni Yoga Heart Series

Developing mental clarity during peri-menopause and menopause, by creating choices for ourselves, is not something most of us were taught. Either at home or in school. And as many of us know, one of the side effects of the transition into peri-menopause and menopause is a lack of mental clarity.  Often that’s because we are just stewing in our own juices, as my Mom used to say, and what we really need is to just move our body. We all know a sedentary lifestyle is deadly. We also know that a life devoid of choice or the belief that we are not strong enough or smart enough to create more choice for ourselves can leaving us feeling dead inside.

“Not only do I feel in touch with my pelvic floor for the first time, I learned how to integrate my brain with it and have greater mental clarity about the direction I want to take my life.”

This situation you are in right now, you know, the one that keeps you up or wakes you up at night, may benefit from seeing all the choices available to you. Especially if its the kind of situation that makes you want to sleep during the day or reach for a distracting habit, especially when a decision is needed. As you consider this situation, you might want to ask yourself what approach – emotional or mental, or a synergy of both – would offer up a variety of choices about how to move forward?

Developing mental clarity during peri-menopause and menopause often arrives when we begin to notice that we are able to brainstorm more choices or options for ourselves.  And when we can brainstorm more options for ourselves, the more we set in motion the likelihood of arriving at a “good choice for now” moment. You can always change your mind, or challenge yourself to get more creative in another future moment.

I think that’s reason some brilliant educator created multiple choice questions. They are a metaphor for how you might approach any problem or obstacle you are wrestling with.

I remember how most of my school mates hated multiple choice tests until I taught them how I approached them. “Answer each choice as a true or false question, and the minute one is false, then both that option and “all of the above” does not count and you can narrow down the remaining options to determine the most suitable answer”. Sometimes the lightbulb went off really fast and sometimes, not so much. I remember a classmate saying to me once “but it’s a multiple choice question not a true or false question”.

Sadly, I imagine she is still living in a world where there are very few choices and making one remains a problem.

So here’s a prompt: fast foreword to 5 years from now and look back at who you are today. What choice are you going to make soon that your future self will look back at and say “I am proud that my younger self knew to make that choice. Look where it got me today. Thank you for being brave and for paying attention. I am in a better place because you made that choice”.

Get busy wrapping your emotional body or your mental body, or some combination of both, around any situation or circumstance you want to move to its next position on the spiral of life. And then, let the energy of the spiral help move you forward, until you get to the heart of the matter.

This is what my Brain-Body-Pelvic Bowl Connection practice and my tele-seminar Feed Your Juicy were created to help you with. If you are finding that a lack of mental clarity, a loss of memory, focus and an ability to make choices or diminished physical vitality are dulling or diluting your life force, please read my blog post  5 Reasons to Start a Pelvic Bowl Yoga Practice.  You may also want to read What is unique about my approach to Pelvic Bowl Yoga, so you have a better understanding of how my work with benefit you.

Over the years I have received calls inquiring “how the re-wiring” actually happens. By the urgency or intensity of the caller I can tell it’s super important that they have direct results and a simple answer like “by following my yoga nidra meditations on a regular basis” just does not cut it.

Here’s the plain truth, I designed these mediations to shift you to a place of whole brain integration while bringing you through an experience to awaken your sensual vitality. I am a Reiki Master so there’s an emetic healing on offer as well.  Through these guided yoga nidra meditations you’ll begin to shift the hard wiring of your youth or past experiences you’d like to leave behind, and begin rewiring a sense of physical, emotional and sensual vitality. Overall, these Yoga Nidra meditations will shift your nervous system into a positive state of relaxation and deep prescence.

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Now all you have to do is follow along, on a regular basis, to accumulate the benefits of practice…and that begins by Entering Your Yoniverse, the home of your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

And if you are the type for whom only consistent rapid growth will satisfy, then you are ready for the full dose of transformation and The Brain-Body-Pelvic Bowl Connection awaits you.

As always, feel free to use my call scheduler in the right margin if you have specific questions or just want to speak with me directly.