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Building somatic intelligence in a relaxing and peaceful manner.

Pelvic Bowl Yoga is great for enhancing your creative expression. It’s not uncommon that as we transition into peri-menopause and menopause for our lives to feel devoid of inspiration, lacking concentration or the ability to be motivated.  The menopause muffin can begin to grow under our radar of awareness

“Every time I try to capture an image from my morning meditation, something disrupts that process.  I can’t find my sketch book, go looking for it, and then get distracted by my phone ringing.  I see my computer and the urge for email and Facebook builds and then that 3rd cup of coffee is calling so loud, that the image is long gone.  Before I know it, it’s time for lunch and I’ve accomplished nothing except a bad case of the jitter’s and I am not really hungry.”

Does that statement or some deviation sound familiar?  I know this process well from my own life and also as a Creative Catalyzer helping people to birth their creative expression and conceptual visions, into this world.

I’ve discovered that it’s largely about where you sit on the spectrum of self-relatedness.

“Using JeanMarie’s Brain-Body-Pelvic Bowl Connection awakened a creative surge in my energetic womb, igniting my long lost passion for sketching.” 

Bringing a stated intention to life, expressing one’s creativity and sensuality, making a choice to heal a wound related to your sense of sexuality, are all forms of self-relatedness.  And in this time of ever expanding electronic connectivity, developing our inner muscles of self-relatedness requires focus.   And more often than not, taking the risk of believing in yourself.  Taking the risk of believing in yourself and as part of doing so, consciously developing a better relationship with everything in direct contact with your organs of perception, sans liquid crystal display or Gorilla Glass interface.  As mathematics would have it, this is an equation with a proportional relationship. The amount of creative expression you want to put in motion is directly related to the amount of self-relatedness you have cultivated.

I have witnessed, over and over again, that for a coherent transmission to move out into the world, for a birthing process to be successfully on point, one must believe in themselves and that which they want to give life to.

For me, doubt is one of the most demanding dance partners in this process of creative expression.  Every time it arrives, no matter how many times we’ve danced the Tango, I find myself having to learn all over again how to relate to it in a manner that does not shut down my creative inquiry.  What I have learned is when doubt arrives during my birthing process, or I get uncomfortable, feel awkward, feel a little lost, I am on the right track.  I am getting closer to an avenue of flow that will deposit me where I want to be.

In your attempts to bring an idea into life, if you suddenly have a desire for any devitalizing, Self distracting or numbing activity, trust that you are about to breakthrough into some really amazing territory.  You may be entering a territory that has been blocking a truly beautiful landscape beyond it.  You may be passing through a gate that has been trying to get your attention for a long time but you’ve been too afraid or unfocused to open it.

The Brain-Body-Pelvic Bowl Connection teaches you how to find yourself from the inside out.

Expressing the muse your womb with confidence, commitment and coherence, requires the same process; expression from the inside out.  It requires more self-relatedness.

At some point all artist’s have to learn to work with moments of transition as a moment of clarification; as moments of self-relatedness.  A painter pushes this color or pulls that one, changing the composition completely. A sculptor takes a swath of clay away here, adds a dab of clay there, moving their block of earth into the vision that is theirs to birth. Theirs to birth because it came through the muse of their womb.

Likewise, the canvas of your life will benefit from viewing your transitions, your moments of change, as moments of self-relatedness that clarify “this is where I will thrive”

Wombs give birth to babies, screen plays, novels, research projects, paintings, poems and podcasts.

Birthing is what wombs naturally do.

Want to Express the Muse of Your Womb?

Nothing is stopping you, but you.

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