Freed of the Chrysalis: Yoni Yoga Nidra

Freeing our inner Butterfly of the Chrysalis:

Watching the surfers at a beach in San Francisco this morning, I was struck by the similarity of the constant chatter in my mind (creative and otherwise) and the constant flow of waves coming towards the surfers. They carefully watched the incoming waves and made a choice of which ones to align with and perhaps ride towards shore. From deep within my Yoniverse, the place where I am the most awake, compassionate and loving, I heard a voice say “if they caught every wave they would be exhausted”. No kidding.

It really helped tame my inner creative catalyzer who gets wave after wave of creative impulses or inspirations, and not always the time or energy to follow them all to fruition.

I am good about documenting my inspirations in some fashion- a sketch, note, recorded message- but I get so much “raw material” it gets overwhelming sometimes. I loose things in all my documentation, and then find them later.

The thing is, that later moment almost always feels like the “correct” moment for their revealing. Like the butterfly in its chrysalis, an incubation period is required for further growth and for the metamorphosis to occur, with the arriving or revealing happening when its the right, and often best, moment.

One of the benefits of having an ignited sacred center and, a pelvic floor that supports you, is that from deep within we know what to align with and when to reveal that alignment.  We celebrate the arrival of inspiration that is birthed from within and do not need to reference external sources for confirmation or confidence. There are many versions of the saying “people are not always going to be able to be there for you, so learn to rely on yourself.” I could also say the variations on that theme are endless but when we have a pelvic floor that is supporting us at our deepest level we are not unseated when external support does not arrive.

When both my parents had died I felt a bit adrift. I started to notice that the things that had supported me in the past were not longer cutting it and often, there was no external support to help bolster my spirits.  This is one of the reasons I was guided to modify my yoga nidra practice to create The Brain-Body-Pelvic Bowl Connection; to help me feel deeply supported from the inside out. As I built a more resilent nervous system and started working with whole brain integration I started feeling less “orphaned”.

When we feel supported from the inside out we are empowered to risk moving beyond our goals into our wildest dreams. We know what waves to catch, and what waves to let pass, so we are not spinning our wheels or tiring ourselves with tasks, groups or relationships we have outgrown.

And Yes, I still get an abundance of creative ideas that could keep a team of 5 happily engaged and, truth be told, still, I often hear with equal emphasis, “wow I conceived that!” and “why did I not immediately follow up?” when I rediscover an idea or a sketch of the bones of a painting.

Oh well, just like everyone else, I am still learning and growing into the person I am becoming.

Want to know one of the things I am learning right now?

imageThe butterfly, like my ideas, free’s itself of it’s chrysalis at just the right moment.