Taurus New Moon Yoga Nidra:

The growth opportunity on offer with this new moon is

“I commit to my soul’s deepest desire”

In my view of the world, the energetic signature of Taurus contains within it an innate sense of the value of structure as a container and a sense of ground; it’s associate with Gaia in my mind. One might even say it has the vibration of a “container being grounded” even though we all know that vibration is about movement.  

In one sense the word “container” means something that holds something else.  A container that holds you or within which you…. you fill in the blank.  I feel this months growth opportunity is all about “building a container” within which you do something you have been wanting to do for a long time.

Perhaps you want to build a container in which to grow your skill for being the calm presence in any environment you find yourself in.  

Perhaps you want to build a container for the artist within that has been kicking and screaming to be expressed.  

Perhaps you want to build the container of your rapport building presence for the business or joint-venture you are engage with.  

Maybe you are finally ready to build the container that provides your gifts and talents the room to move and the comfort and security to express themselves.  

Another way the Taurus signature expresses itself through creating value or defining value; as in what you value most. 

When I feel out to the highest and clearest energetic signature for this Taurus New Moon Cycle it leads me to support people in expressing their soul’s deepest desires.

So in my view, the Taurus New Moon energetic signature, supportive from 5/4 through 6/2, is all about building the container “of your commitment” to your soul’s deepest desires. 

And because it’s not uncommon for low self esteem to prevent one from expressing their life’s work, AKA your soul’s deepest desire, the Reiki energy embedded within the recording may help you to heal any issues with self esteem you have been wrestling with.

May all Beings benefit from the merits of our practice,


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Aries New Moon Yoga Nidra:

The growth opportunity on offer with this new moon is

“I give myself the space and permission to be who I am”

On the positive side of energy current we call Aries, there is the possibility of self actualization, being the fullest self that you can be in this moment in time.  

The challenge is that Aries energy is mostly good at starting, and not so good at sustaining, persisting or finishing.  As a result we have to provide the leverage point, the fulcrum to stay focused and interested, using practices like Yoga Nidra, somatic yoga or Mindfulness Meditation.  These kinds of focusing practices help us to develop, and then strengthen, the inner muscles of commitment, coherence, and confidence to fortify the capacity to guide ourselves consistently in the direction of our choosing

This Month’s growth opportunity “I give myself the space and permission to be who I am” has a deconstructive or decongesting process to it and, a constructive process to it.  As I said in a recent Full Moon Q&A call, sometimes we have to clear old experiences or ideas, decongest our field of awareness so to speak, before we can plant new intentions or new states of conscious awareness.

When I teach The Neurobiology of Presence, I use a version of this foundational work we will do this month, and it changes how my clients present themselves, or their deeper self, to the world.  

This months’ practice will change how you engage with what you really want to be doing with your life and it will change how you feel about yourself as you go about doing it.  It will change how you present yourself to the world and, it will change who you present yourself to be when you are out in the world.  

In a way you could say this months Yoga Nidra project is both a professional development and personal development project.  Part of the process helps you to heal the past so that you can shift the way you see or feel about yourself,  and the other part will help you to present a more wholesome and confident sense of self so you can engage life with a greater sense of vitality.

My question to you is, are you ready to shift the way you feel about yourself?

I sure hope so.  This world needs whatever gift or talent you have to share with us, and you will not get busy with the work of sharing it, if you don’t feel good about who you are.

You can use the Yoga Nidra recording with the affirmation as it is or you can fill in the blank with something like “I give myself permission to be a successful artist” or ‘I give myself permission to pursue the career path or studies that I want” or “I give myself permission to relax”.

May all Beings benefit from the merits of our practice,


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Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra:

The growth opportunity on offer with this new moon is

I root my sacred intention into every cell of my body

One of the major themes I feel with this Pisces New Moon is reuniting the natural tendency of Pisces to expand, and sometimes remain drifting within potential, with the rootedness of the Gaia principal.  Embracing a sense of being well-rooted (with your intention(s) rooted into every cell of your body) will begin the actualization process that moves you from potential to possibility. 

When we desire to expand our influence, consciousness or Sankalpa (our sacred intention) to its next level of expression, having the support of deep roots allows a natural “next step” to emerge.  And quite often that “next step” arrives with all the micro-steps, all the details, that contribute to its transformation of moving from potential to possibility; perhaps even raising its probability quotient.  

With Uranus entering Taurus we get a planet associated with acceleration in the order of “surprises”, and a sign associated with slow deeply considered actions, to blend beautifully together while elevating the probability quotient of your projects, goals and milestone moving to their next phase.

Would you like to see your projects, goals, plans and sacred intentions move more considerable out into the world?  

One of the spiritual assignments I have right now is to help anchor the new blueprint for humanity in my weekly classes and private sessions.  That includes these New Moon Yoga Nidra recordings so trust that you are receiving that benefit of being prepared to welcome this new blueprint. 

As this new blueprint begins to take hold in our vibrational field, often we find ourselves doing things differently, moving away from activities that no longer resonate with who we are becoming.  Sometimes relationships change or, end completely.  This is an outward demonstration of the internal shifts already set in motion.  As you attend to these changes with kindness you set a quickening process in motion.  I encourage you to hold a loving intention, perhaps even send a blessing for these things moving out of your field of existence, as they serve the old person you were, and without that person, you would not be who you are becoming today.

When we send gratitude, appreciation and acceptance to that person you are outgrowing, whether that’s an old self or an old friend, you create greater integrity within your head-heart circuitry which in turn will quicken your transformation.  As your head-heart connection becomes more integrated, you begin to sculpt a new template of self support that lives more dynamically within right effort, right timing, and right relations with all consciousness. 

As many of you know, there is always a destructive and constructive element in a Yoga Nidra practice devoted to enhancing your mind-body connection or for those aspirants moving towards awakening.  We often need to unravel or deconstruct childhood conditioning so your deeper self, your being-in-potential, can live with ease in your body-mind connection. In this deconstructive phase, habits of thought, emotion and physical movement are all up for transformation.  We can move with that transformative impulse or resist it.  

I vote that we move with it!

In that spirit I invite you to join me in that process by enjoying my Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra recording devoted to “Rooting your sacred intention into every cell of your body”.  

When you look at a majestic tree and marvel as its height, do you simultaneously marvel at the depth of its roots that allowed it to grow that high?  And even more subtly, do you marvel at the time it took for both of those processes to unfold?

Just like that majestic tree, it will take time to grow the roots you desire to grow.  And just like that tree, if you put the time in, if you listen to this Yoga Nidra recording every few days, you will nourish your being-in-potential, moving that potential into possibility.  And if you listen a little more, your probability quotient will increase even more.

This Pisces New Moon will be energetically active from 3/6 to 4/5 so you can work with the Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra recording during that time period for an extra boost of support.  As always, my yoga nidra recordings are timeless and can be used anytime you feel the need for some later coaching.

Our Full Moon Live Q & A Call will be on Thursday March 21st, 2019 at 6:00 pm eastern time.

May all Beings benefit from the merits of our practice,


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Aquarius New Moon Yoga Nidra:

 The growth opportunity on offer with this new moon is

“Activate my innate gifts within my field of awareness”

My energetic read of the recent Leo eclipse is that we are all being invited to shine our gifts for humanity more dynamically.  With the Aquarius New Moon about to happen, the sign of groups, we are being asked to bring those gifts out into the world. To share that gift as our offering to humanity and, as our experience of right livelihood.

When I was in 4th grade I learned about Kibbutz’s in a social studies like class.  I went home that day and announced to my parents that I wanted to live in a Kibbutz.  They were used to these kinds pronouncements when in second grade I marched into the kitchen and announced “I am an Inca”.  This time, like that one, they scratched their heads and looked away.

What charmed me about living in a Kibbutz was the “Idea” that everyone gives their innate gift/talent and receives everyone else’s innate gift/talent and some how everyone is taken care of.  Of course that meant that I knew what my special gift or talent was but I trusted that “somewhere” there would be people around who could help me figure that out.

The thing about our “innate gift” is that it lives deep inside of us.

It waits patiently for us to demonstrate our ability to first hear it, and then to be directed by it.  And we begin this process of hearing it by entering the “field of awareness” in which it operates, which in turn begin to activate its influence.

When we activate our innate gifts they begin to fire up a process of profound internal growth and transformation that is often referred to as an act of “becoming”.

As you practice “owning” this process of becoming, through listening to this yoga nidra recording daily for the next 4 weeks, you step more dynamically into this “process of becoming” by moving into new area’s of experience.  And as you root yourself in new experiences, your field of consciousness begins re-arrange your external world.

Let’s say you want to both learn how to relax and exercise more.

A good option is learning how to Forrest Bathe: walking in a beautiful natural setting to boost your immune system and to recalibrate your nervous system.  In the past when you walk you find yourself hurrying and your mind starts slinging arrows in your general direction; “this is a waste of time” “you have things to do” “You look silly out here just walking”.

As you practice being in this new experience as a mindfulness practice- feeling your body move, attending to your breath, noticing how your senses are activated- over time the benefits begin to break down the walls of the defenses that keep you from practicing it.  As you look at the beautiful tree’s, the way that light caresses their limbs and trunk, the interesting shapes the shadows make on the forrest floor, you begin to transform the lens of limitation through which you have perceived life and your role in it.

Does that mean you might be drawn into experiences that are outside your area of habit(s) or your comfort zone?

You bet.

And this is where the journey begins.  It begins with how you respond to the invitation to move beyond what you have known into what is now possible.  Your innate gifts do not perceive life through the lens of limitation that your personality has been operating with.  Your innate gifts perceive “what’s possible in this moment”, not what’s possible based on past experience, what your family told you, what you constantly tell yourself or how things generally turn out for you.

So the inquiry I offer you is….. are you ready to live in greater alignment with the innate gifts that reside deep within your being?

I hope so because your particular gift may be just what this world- your family, neighborhood, workplace- needs to move more completely in a positive direction.

May all Beings benefit from the merits of our practice,


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Welcome to “Building Resiliency” in your nervous system.

Yoga Nidra is a great mind-body guided meditation practice that promotes mental and emotional well-being and is effective in mitigating anxiety and stress.  As a great side benefit it will also increase your sense of vitality, promote and enhance a good nights sleep and will dynamically improve your mental focus.

Practicing this guided yoga nidra meditation will help your to develop a tool that you can employ whenever tension, stress, and overall anxiety begins to arise.

All three of these factors- tension, stress and anxiety- adversely affect the health and well being of your physical body, causing things like high blood pressure and cardio-vascular issues, and deeply influence your mental attitudes and emotional temperaments.

So why not give yourself the gift of ease and begin the process of Building Resiliency in your nervous system today?

I promise you and those around you will be happy that you have.

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