Your innate gifts awakening within your field of awareness

Aquarius New Moon Yoga Nidra:

The growth opportunity on offer with this new moon is

“activate my innate gifts within my field of awareness”


My energetic read of the recent Leo eclipse is that we are all being invited to shine our gifts for humanity more dynamically.  With the Aquarius New Moon about to happen, the sign of groups, we are being asked to bring those gifts out into the world. To share that gift as our offering to humanity and, as our experience of right livelihood.

When I was in 4th grade I learned about Kibbutz’s in a social studies like class.  I went home that day and announced to my parents that I wanted to live in a Kibbutz.  They were used to these kinds pronouncements when in second grade I marched into the kitchen and announced “I am an Inca”.  This time, like that one, they scratched their heads and looked away.

What charmed me about living in a Kibbutz was the “Idea” that everyone gives their innate gift/talent and receives everyone else’s innate gift/talent and some how everyone is taken care of.  Of course that meant that I knew what my special gift or talent was but I trusted that “somewhere” there would be people around who could help me figure that out.

The thing about our “innate gift” is that it lives deep inside of us.

It waits patiently for us to demonstrate our ability to first hear it, and then to be directed by it.  And we begin this process of hearing it by entering the “field of awareness” in which it operates, which in turn begin to activate its influence.  I covered this extensively in my FREE Full Moon Q & A call that you can listen to here.

When we activate our innate gifts they begin to fire up a process of profound internal growth and transformation that is often referred to as an act of “becoming”.

As you practice “owning” this process of becoming, through listening to this yoga nidra recording daily for the next 4 weeks, you step more dynamically into this “process of becoming” by moving into new area’s of experience.  And as you root yourself in new experiences, your field of consciousness begins re-arrange your external world.

Let’s say you want to both learn how to relax and exercise more.

A good option is learning how to Forrest Bathe: walking in a beautiful natural setting to boost your immune system and to recalibrate your nervous system.  In the past when you walk you find yourself hurrying and your mind starts slinging arrows in your general direction; “this is a waste of time” “you have things to do” “You look silly out here just walking”.

As you practice being in this new experience as a mindfulness practice- feeling your body move, attending to your breath, noticing how your senses are activated- over time the benefits begin to break down the walls of the defenses that keep you from practicing it.  As you look at the beautiful tree’s, the way that light caresses their limbs and trunk, the interesting shapes the shadows make on the forrest floor, you begin to transform the lens of limitation through which you have perceived life and your role in it.

Does that mean you might be drawn into experiences that are outside your area of habit(s) or your comfort zone?

You bet.

And this is where the journey begins.  It begins with how you respond to the invitation to move beyond what you have known into what is now possible.  Your innate gifts do not perceive life through the lens of limitation that your personality has been operating with.  Your innate gifts perceive “what’s possible in this moment”, not what’s possible based on past experience, what your family told you, what you constantly tell yourself or how things generally turn out for you.

So the inquiry I offer you is….. are you ready to live in greater alignment with the innate gifts that reside deep within your being?

I hope so because your particular gift may be just what this world- your family, neighborhood, workplace- needs to move more completely in a positive direction.

May all Beings benefit from the merits of our practice,


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