Welcome to my FREE “Building Resiliency” in your nervous system Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a great mind-body guided meditation practice that promotes mental and emotional wellbeing and is effective in mitigating anxiety and stress.  As a great side benefit it will also increase your sense of vitality, promote and enhance a good nights sleep and will dynamically improve your mental focus.

Practicing this guided yoga nidra meditation will help your to develop a tool that you can employ whenever tension, stress, and overall anxiety begins to arise.

All three of these factors- tension, stress and anxiety- adversely affect the health and well being of your physical body, causing things like high blood pressure and cardio-vascular issues, and deeply influence your mental attitudes and emotional temperaments.

So why not give yourself the gift of ease and begin the process of Building Resiliency in your nervous system today?

I promise you and those around you will be happy that you have.

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