Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra:

The growth opportunity on offer with this new moon is

Rooting my sacred intention into every cell of my body

One of the major themes I feel with this Pisces New Moon is reuniting the natural tendency of Pisces to expand, and sometimes remain drifting within potential, with the rootedness of the Gaia principal.  Embracing a sense of being well-rooted (with your intention(s) rooted into every cell of your body) will begin the actualization process that moves you from potential to possibility.

When we desire to expand our influence, consciousness or Sankalpa (our sacred intention) to its next level of expression, having the support of deep roots allows a natural “next step” to emerge.  And quite often that “next step” arrives with all the micro-steps, all the details, that contribute to its transformation of moving from potential to possibility; perhaps even raising its probability quotient.

With Uranus entering Taurus we get a planet associated with acceleration in the order of “surprises”, and a sign associated with slow deeply considered actions, to blend beautifully together while elevating the probability quotient of your projects, goals and milestone moving to their next phase of growth.

Would you like to see your projects, goals, plans and sacred intentions move more considerable out into the world?

One of the spiritual assignments right now is to help anchor the new energetic blueprint for humanity.  I do this in my weekly classes and private sessions and, that includes these New Moon Yoga Nidra recordings so trust that you are receiving that benefit of being prepared to welcome this new blueprint.

As this new blueprint begins to take hold in our vibrational field, often we find ourselves doing things differently, moving away from activities that no longer resonate with who we are becoming.  Sometimes relationships change or, end completely.  This is an outward demonstration of the internal shifts already set in motion.  As you attend to these changes with kindness you set a quickening process in motion.  I encourage you to hold a loving intention, perhaps even send a blessing for these things moving out of your field of existence, as they serve the old person you were, and without that person, you would not be who you are becoming today.

When we send gratitude, appreciation and acceptance to that person you are outgrowing, whether that’s an old self or an old friend, you create greater integrity within your head-heart circuitry which in turn will quicken your transformation.  As your head-heart connection becomes more integrated, you begin to sculpt a new template of self support that lives more dynamically within right effort, right timing, and right relations with all consciousness.

As many of you know, there is always a destructive and constructive element in a Yoga Nidra practice devoted to enhancing your mind-body connection or for those aspirants moving towards awakening.  We often need to unravel or deconstruct childhood conditioning so your deeper self, your being-in-potential, can live with ease in your body-mind. In this deconstructive phase, habits of thought, emotion and physical movement are all up for transformation.  We can move with that transformative impulse or we against it with resistance.

I vote that we move with it!

In that spirit, I invite you to join me by enjoying my Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra recording devoted to “Rooting your sacred intention into every cell of your body”.

When you look at a majestic tree and marvel as its height, do you simultaneously marvel at the depth of its roots? Do you consider the depth of the roots that allowed it to grow that high?  And even more subtly, do you marvel at the time it took for both of those processes to unfold?

Just like that majestic tree, it will take time to grow the roots you desire to grow.  And just like that tree, if you put the time in, if you listen to this Yoga Nidra recording every few days, you will nourish your being-in-potential, moving that potential into possibility.  And if you listen a little more, your probability quotient will increase even more.

This Pisces New Moon will be energetically active from 3/6 to 4/5 so you can work with the Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra recording during that time period for an extra boost of support.  As always, my yoga nidra recordings are timeless and can be used anytime you feel the need for some lazer coaching.

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